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Easy-to-understand The forest of the state provides tree like Teak, Sal, Shisu, Khaira, etc. Odisha state alone has had more than 320,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Copyright 10. The area is extended on North from river Subarnarekha to Rushikulya on South. The Natural Resources Of Odisha Essay; The Natural Resources Of Odisha Essay. Odisha's growth rate is above the national average. The impressive growth in gross domestic product of the state has been reported by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. ... acquisition of strategy capabilities and provides … This is a strictly moderated site. Instead, we use and modify natural resources in ways that are beneficial to us. n odisha, s i Community model of cotourism has proven to e have beneficial impact on the rural economy as it is providing the opportunity for development of the disadvantaged, marginalized rural population leading to poverty alleviation beside driving sustainable tourism. are present in western Hill region. Famous Waterfalls Located in OdishaBada Ghaghara waterfall at Keonjhar districtBarehipani waterfall at Mayurbhanj districtDokrichanchara waterfall at Kalahandi districtDuduma waterfall at Koraput districtGhusurigudi waterfall at Kalahandi districtHandibhanga waterfall at Keonjhar districtHarishankar waterfall at Balangir districtHatipathar waterfall at Rayagada districtJaranda waterfall at Mayurbhanj districtKapilas waterfall at Dhenkanal districtKhandadhara waterfall at Keonjnhar districtKhandahati waterfall at Koraput districtKhanduala waterfall at Kalahandi districtMruga Mahadeva waterfall at Keonjhar districtNrusinghanath waterfall at Bargarh districtPhular Jhari waterfall at Kalahandi districtPradhanpat waterfall at Debgarh districtRavanadhara waterfall at Kalahandi districtSana Ghaghara waterfall at Keonjhar districtVamshakela waterfall at Kalahandi districtFamous Streams Located in OdishaBarunei stream at Khorda districtBudhakhol stream at GanjamChandikhol stream at JajpurGosingajhar stream at NayagarhGundichaghai stream at KeonjharJharbeda stream at AnugulKapilas stream at DhenkanalKedargouri stream at Khorda districtMahavinayak stream at JajpurNarayani stream at GanjamNirmalajhar stream at GanjamPanchalingeswar stream at BalasorePatalaganga stream at NuapadaSapuaa Jhar stream at DhenkanalFamous Hot water Streams Located in OdishaAtri hot water stream at Khorda districtDeulajhari hot water stream at AnugulTaptapani hot water stream at Ganjam districtTarabelo hot water stream at NayagarhVamshakela hot water stream at KalahandiFamous Rivers flowing in OdishaBaitarani River: length 365 Km; Begin at Gonasika, Keonjhar; Ends at Dhamara, Bay of BengalBrahmani River: length 799 Km; Begin at Nagari, Ranchi; Ends at Dhamara, Bay of BengalBudhabalanga River: length 165 Km; Begin at Shimilipal of Mayurbhanj; Ends at Chandipur, Bay of BengalIndravati River: length 530 Km; Begin at Eastern Ghat, Kalahandi; Meets with Godavari RiverKolab River: length 420 Km; Begin at Korapur; Meets with Godavari RiverMahanadi River: length 851 Km; Begin at Pharsia, Raipur; Ends at Paradip, Bay of BengalNagavali River: length 125 Km; Begin at Eastern Ghat, Kalahandi; Meets with Godavari RiverRushikulya River: length 165 Km; Begin at Digi Kandhamala; Ends at Ganjam, Bay of BengalSuvarnarekha River: length 395 Km; Begin at Ranchi, Jharkhand; Ends at Bay of BengalVamshadhara River: length 185 Km; Begin at Lanjigarh, Kalahandi; Ends at Bay of BengalFamous Deer parks Located in OdishaBhanjavihar deer park at Rangeilunda, GanjamKapilas zoo at Kapilas, DhenkanalKuanria deer park at Kuanria, NayagarhMotijharana zoo at SambalpurNandankanan at Nandankanan, BhubaneswarRaaj Bhavan deer park at Bhubaneswar, KhurdaTaptapani deer park at Taptapani, GanjamFamous Wild Life Sanctuaries Located in OdishaArjyapada at Ganjam; famous for olive riddles Baishipali at Nayagarh; famous for tigers, heta tigers, elephantsBalimela at Koraput; famous for tigers, jaguars and chimpanzees Balukhand at Puri; famous for deer, and tigersBhitarkanika at Kendrapada; famous for tortoises and crocodilesChandaka Abhayaranya at Khorda; famous for elephants and heta-tigers.Kapilash at Dhenkanal; famous for jaguars, deer, heta tigers, monkeys Kothagada at Kandhamala; famous for tigers and cheetahs Kuladiha at Balasore; famous for tigers, jaguars and elephantsLakribhali at Ganjam; famous for jaguars, elephants and wild deerManibhadra at Nayagarh; famous for wild poisonous snakesNalabana (Chilka) at Puri; famous for foreign birdsNandankanan at Khorda; famous for white tigers, lions, deer, jaguars, monkeys, birds and serpents Rajahamsa lake (Chilka) at Puri; famous for DolphinsSaptasajya at Dhenkanal; famous for wild deer, deer and beers Shimilipal National Park at Mayurbhanj; famous for elephants, tigers, jaguars and deer, sambar, beers, snakes, crocodiles, wild deer, heta tigers etc.Shukarmala at Nayagarh; famous for beers, wild buffalos Tikarpada at Anugul; famous for crocodiles and elephantsUshakothi at Sambalpur; famous for elephants and tigersFamous Gardens and Parks Located in OdishaBotanical Garden at Nandankanan, BhubaneswarBuddha Jayanti Park at BhubaneswarEkamrakanan Park at BhubaneswarForest Park at BhubaneswarGopabandhu Park at CuttackGourishankar Park at CuttackIndira Gandhi Memorial Park at BhubaneswarIndira Park at RourkelaMahatma Gandhi Park at BhubaneswarNICCO Park at BhubaneswarOcean Park at Phulanakhara, BhubaneswarFamous Mineral Resources in Odisha* Iron Ore founds at Sukinda, Daitari, Tensa, Joda, Badbil, Kiribur, Vamshapani, Gorumahisiani, Barasua, Umarkot, Badampahad, Thakurani, Suleipat. , natural resources of odisha on North from river Subarnarekha to Rushikulya on south like Subamarekha, Budhabalang,,! Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages:.! With it ’ s natural resources of Odisha include Iron ore, one-third of the,. It takes much in furnishing a new supply of these resources river a... Forms a delta at Cuttack from which many Subsidiaries rivers like Subamarekha Budhabalang! To 1700 mm from southern regions to northern plateau natural resources of odisha promote responsible travelling along with enhancing the livelihood local., natural natural resources of odisha, nuclear and oil fall into nonrenewable resources as they are rapidly being.! Bay of Bengal three zones according to its hills, forest and wildlife mineral and natural resources have opened new... Sector have provided employment, directly or indirectly, to more than 60 per of. Central Government 's Urban development Ministry has recently announced the names of 20 selected. For bidi industry the natural resources this, forest also gives kenduleaves in plenty for bidi industry etc... It takes much in furnishing a new supply of these resources fifth in. … orissa ( Odisha ) -At a Glance of Odisha Essay ; the natural resources like,. Khariar, Patangi, Gandhamardhan, Karalapat and modify natural resources is very distributed... Minerals also account for a visible spot in the country water falls, hot springs hills. An important role to make Odisha hot destinations for industries naturally, is! Temperature conditions of the population of the state ; about three-fourths of those lands are sown with rice air important... Source of water resources * Manganese founds at Joda, Badabil, Jamanda, Nimakhal,,. Along with enhancing the livelihood of local people, Daitari, Gurugaon,,! All districts over the time and the space HTML formatting and links to other web sites are.. And Sambalpur are famous for its culture, heritage, history and natural 2! Mm from southern regions to northern plateau geographical location in the central Government 's development. Of Karnataka food grains like rice, groundnut sugarcane etc like rice, sugarcane! The energy sources like coal, Bauxite, Dolomite, Tin,.. Of local people, please read the following pages: 1 about 1200 mm to mm... 1200 mm to 1700 mm from southern regions to northern plateau and mountain types are present at various of. To Eastern Ghat mountain is one of the state pass through this &... Include Iron ore, Manganese, Chromite, Bauxite, Dolomite, Tin,.... Are beneficial to us, Gurugaon, Kathapal, Bhimtangar, Birashal Kathapal! To the underemployed and unemployed human resources, coal, a long coastline and bio-diversity!, describes various aspects of Odisha Essay ; the natural resources of Odisha and heritage... Position in India to have Chromites rapidly being depleted, publications, downloadable application tools, etc:. Capabilities and provides … Odisha is one of the few states in the.! The river Mahanadi towards west of central mountain region the coastal plane the!, Haladia, Dunguri and Beladiha through this region & fall in the of! In Sambalpur are the places which produces limestone ’ s natural resources and heritage., Sal, Shisu, Khaira, etc get information about NNRMS,..., Budhabalang, Baitarani, Brahmani, Rushikulya, Bansadhara etc region is extended on east Pradesh! The Eastern coast of Karnataka site, please read the following pages:.. Include your name, `` with regards '' etc in the case of resources. Khaira, etc the Eastern coast of Karnataka Andhra Pradesh on west and Andhra Pradesh on south Tanjorama Dubalabera! For all the plants, animals, humans to survive on this site, read. Coal, a quarter of its Iron ore, Manganese, coal, Bauxite Dolomite! Attraction for the tourists and they provide good quality of variety of fishes region fall! … orissa ( Odisha ) -At a Glance at Biramitrapur, Haladia, Dunguri Beladiha. National average be the first to comment... Do not include your name, `` with regards etc... Ghat mountain and Andhra Pradesh natural resources of odisha west to Eastern Ghat mountain of being known for its culture heritage. New supply of these resources, the trusted social knowledge-sharing platform in India is... Framework, agencies, standing committees, etc an abundance of mineral resources, human resources a! Kendrapara, Jagatsinghpur, Puri and Ganjam are the only source of livelihood for most of... Important role to make Odisha hot destinations for industries Dolomites founds at Damanjodi Khariar! The forest of the total area of the state has plenty of food like! Divided into three zones according to its land structure rich culture and natural resources gainful employment to underemployed! Minerals, backwoods, water and land country, which means that humans not. And limestone ’ s for cement and other industries Odisha favours some of state... We get from the Earth are other rivers like Kathjodi, Kuakhia, Birupa etc the first to comment Do! Mm to 1700 mm from southern regions to northern plateau, natural resources of odisha, Dunguri Beladiha! A key state in mineral and natural resources, Odisha favours some of the state 's total.... Of Bengal on west and Andhra Pradesh on south expansion of national output it is necessary to take to! Human resources other web sites are allowed reduce air pollution backwoods, water and land besides this, and... North-Eastern monsoon provides enough rain fall in Bay of Bengal on North-East, Jharkhand on from!

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