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This is solution supported by AppImage specification. Rclone Browser was great again:) and is getting better. This only runs from the moment it opens your browser to the moment you get back the verification code. I recompiled and repackaged everything using latest Qt (5.13.1) and latest platforms' compilers. If you are looking to do the same, but server-side (for remotes that support this, for exmaple Gdrive) then you will need to include either --drive-server-side-across-configs true when you launch your webUI, or else put server_side_across_configs = true in the remote config directly rclone.conf. He is talking about Subsurface. Simple cross platform GUI for rclone command line tool. Right. If I don't raise required $500 I will give all money to some charity. Hi guys. Rgds Dariusz Rclone Browser was great again:) and is getting better. Simple cross platform GUI for rclone. flatpak but I had to choose one and I decided that AppImage is my best choice. But you might make binaries for debian... whatever the codename is for unstable. Nos Vídeos anteriores, nós vimos para que serve, e como instalar o Rclone no Windows. Linux binary (AppImage) for armhf architecture runs on any Raspberry Pi hardware using Raspbian based on Stretch or Buster. If Rclone Browser users think that properly signed software would be beneficial for them they can chip in some cash for it. Rclone Browser checks now for used rclone version (mount is disabled in Windows if rclone

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