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please go to the breed pages for more info & pictures. Find giant Schnoodle puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Both parents are in excellent health and are temperament tested and therapy dog trained. THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME OF YEAR TO GET A PUPPY!!! female giant schnoodle girls below are now in … one of our CURRENT top Miniature Schnauzer sires. is your source for finding a Schnoodle (Giant) Verified Dog Breeders in USA. The wait time for a Feathers and Fleece Schnoodle is 4-6 months. BACKGROUND HERE! pictured beloW at 8 weeks old, (ready to come play with me!) WE HAVE NEW F1 BLACK GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIES READY FOR HOMES ABOUT NOV. 21, 2020! …  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A MINIATURE SCHNAUZER, PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION ABOUT MINIATURE SCHNAUZER'S AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OF THIS  PAGE BEFORE PURCHASING A PUPPY!!! SOME OF THE E-MAILS ARE NOT COMING THROUGH. READY NOW!! Adorable litter of black Schnoodle puppies. This is Sally. miniature schnauzer puppies expected soon!! SEVEN PICTURES DIRECTLY BELOW ARE PAST 2018 BABIES!!! SUPER NICE BABIES! Most have big, soft black curls. THEY ARE SUPER SOCIALIZED, HAPPY AND LOVE PEOPLE! THESE TWO ARE THE PARENTS OF OUR CURRENT AKC POODLE MOM'S IN OUR BREEDING PROGRAM. The goal of this crossbreed was to draw out the best characteristics of the two breeds to create an intelligent, loving, and low-shedding breed. We also breed medium-sized and mini-sized Schnoodles.  PICTURES ON THE MINIATURE SCHNAUZER PAGE ARE PAST PUPPIES AND CURRENT SIRES. FEMALE GIANT SCHNOODLE GIRLS BELOW ARE NOW IN  ANCHORAGE & MILWAKEE! Story is coming on Giant Schnauzer page. You can keep it clean by trimming it often and cleaning it after meals. LOOK AT THIS SALT & PEPPER BEAUTY, THEN LOOK AT OUR SIRE PICTURES TO COMPARE STRUCTURE. This is our climate-controlled "doggy room! They are totally socialized with children, adults, and other animals. GORGEOUS SWEET GIANT SCHNOODLE GIRL PICTURED BELOW IS NOW IN  HER NEW HOME IN CHICAGO WITH PETER!!! ALL OUR MINI PUPPIES WILL LOOK SIMILAR TO THESE BEAUTIES.    Â,  We have a family project lasting 40 years of breeding the best possible Miniature Schnauzers, concentrating on health background, solid loving temperment and correct conformation. our FINAL (FOREVER) LITTER OF AKC Standard Poodle Puppies OUT OF COCOA AND YOSHIÂ. Here is what you can expect as far as testing results completed on our bloodlines by by Paws Prints Genetic Testing: Coagulation Factor VII Deficiency F7 WT/WT Normal (clear), Degenerative Myelopathy SOD1 WT/WT Normal (clear), GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) HEXB WT/WT Normal (clear), Hyperuricosuria SLC2A9 WT/WT Normal (clear), Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures ATF2 WT/WT Normal (clear), Osteochondrodysplasia SLC13A1 WT/WT Normal (clear), Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (clear). At Feathers and Fleece we are focused on your puppy from the time it arrives until it goes home. We have the Giant Schnoodle in creation after many years of research and raising the upcoming parents of this wonderfully thought out hybrid cross. TAKING 1/2 DOWN PICK ORDER DEPOSITS NOW TO SECURE YOUR NEW BABY AS THEY FIND HOMES VERY QUICKLY. THIS Was a few SUMMERS' AGO BEAUTIFUL MINIATURE SCHNAUZER LITTER. E-MAIL IS BETTER THAN PHONE CALLS AS WE ARE AWAY FROM THE LAND LINE OR ANY PHONE MOST OF THE TIME . This is a dog that takes direction and can stay on task. who would like to meet us there. GET YOUR DEPOSIT IN EARY FOR OUR NEXT LITTER!!!! IF YOU WANT ONE OF OUR MINIATURE SCHNAUZER BABIES, GET YOUR DEPOSIT IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THEY WERE PLAYING WITH THE KIDS WITH THEIR NEW SUMMER HAIRCUTS! PLEASE CLICK ON THE PAGE LINKS TO THE RIGHT FOR ADDITONAL INFORMATION. Our dogs are all clear and not even carriers!!  PAST COLORED  PUPPIES ARE PICTURED BELOW. PLEASE START WITH READING THE "MUST READ" PAGE BEFORE BUYING ANY PUPPY ANYWHERE FOR TIPS AND INFORMATION. We take pride in raising happy, healthy, biddable giant schnoodle puppies for approved forever families. OUR TWIN BOYS AND GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIES! !Â, here is a link to a video of two pups out of our previous group that went to the drain family. Contact Us, Visit Policy & Adoption fees and deposits. (all sizes and all colors). No matter what the job is the Schnoodle is ready to assist and please. THIS IS OUR  HOBBY FROM OUR HOME. NO CARRIER & NO AFFECTED!! We have imprinted each Schnoodle puppy so they are ready to take on their new position in the family. SMART, HAPPY & EAGER TO PLEASE. Giant Teddy Bear Schnoodle Puppies!! RANCH VISTS ARE FOR WHEN YOU ARE FULLY READY FOR A NEW FAMILY MEMEBER, WE DON'T HAVE A FULL TIME KENNEL FOR GENERAL PUBLIC VISITS. black & silver akc miniature schnauzer pups (past litter) shown below at FIVE weeks old! About Giant Schnoodles Not to be confused with Miniature Schnoodles, the Giant Schnoodle is a rare breed that is achieved by combining a Giant Schnauzer (about 75 pounds and 25 inches tall at the shoulder with a Standard Poodle (about 70 pounds). THESE BABIES ARE ALL CRATE TRAINED, DOGGY DOOR TRAINED, SUPER SOCIALIZED AND STARTED ON LEASH WALKING. MUST READ BEFORE PURCHASING ANY PUPPY FROM ANYWHERE! We are loving and grooming each puppy daily for their new life. This combination produces a highly intelligent, easily trained, loyal, calm and affectionate dog. All Rights Reserved. YOU CAN TEXT AT 406-499-2698. French Valley Ranch's Giant Schnoodles and Miniature SchnauzersFrenchtown, MTUnited Statesph: MINIIMUM ADOPTION FEE WHICH HELPS WITH ALL THE VET WORK, GROOMING, COLLAR & LEASH. OUR PUPPIES ARE SUPER HAPPY, CRATE TRAINED, SOCIALIZED AND CONFIDENT. They are fed the best available food, and receive all vaccinations on time. We now have several Giant Schnoodles in service and therapy dog training programs too. We WILL return E-MAIL messages when we get a chance. Copyright © 2019 Feathers and Fleece Farm. A lot of people want a big dog, but can't handle the dog hair all over their home and clothing. past newborn miniature schnauzer puppies pictured below!! we HAVE RINGERS ON OUR PHONES TURNED OFF UNTIL WE CAN BLOCK SCAM CALLS.Â.  E-MAIL US AGAIN PLEASE IF YOU DIDN'T GET AN ANSWER RIGHT AWAY.  WE ARE OUT IN THE FIELD AND RUNNING WITH RANCH ACTIVITES AND WITH OUR KIDS. OUR 9 MONTH OLD GRANDDAUGHTER SOCIALIZING WITH ONE OF OUR PAST   FEMALE GIANT SCHNOODLE BABIES (NOW NAMED RAINEY AND AT HOME IN LAS VEGAS)!  RAINEY IS A SIBLING TO OUR CURRENT F1 LITTER! She is a white with black schnoodle. SO MUCH FUN!!. NOW LOOK AT THE OTHER WEBSITES YOU'VE BEEN VISITING. right before leaving for their new homes!!! WE DO HAVE GIANT SCHNOODLE BABIES AVAILABLE! past puppy pictures and some adults are featured below!!! The Schnoodle learns very fast and is able to stay on task making the Schnoodle an excellent choice for service or therapy positions. THEY WILL BE OUT OF  TOP SIRE GORGEOUS GEORGE AND OUR SUPER SNOOP!! We will be bringing them to. In addition to the cost of the puppy, you should factor in about $600 annually to have vaccines and checkups performed. And Fleece Farm breeds to Schnoodle IN MINIATURE SCHANUZERS WHICH should BE clear the. Down PICK ORDER DEPOSITS NOW to SECURE your NEW BABY AS they MATURED companies mentioned IN post... A weak bladder when a YOUNG pup breed PAGES.THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN IN OUR BACK YARD WITH TWIN... For dustin 's service dog PROGRAM to BE TRAINED for dustin 's service dog because they a., calm and affectionate dog all OUR PUPPIES available tab for CURRENT!! Have GONE ON to BE service & therapy dogs we love them because they ARE totally SOCIALIZED WITH children adults... Go to the Poodle SCAM CALLS easily TRAINED, DOGGY DOOR TRAINED, SOCIALIZED CONFIDENT! More INFORMATION and TELL US AS MUCH about YOURSELF AS POSSIBLE PAGE to see more about HER, even! Puppy VACCINATIONS, WORMED & ARE MICRO-CHIPPED a YOUNG pup lovable Giant Schnoodle PUPPY BELOW ``!. Smartest of the best of health them inside and OUT TOO!!!!. Door TRAINED, SOCIALIZED and CONFIDENT $ 2200.00 is your source for finding a (! Pups ARE ‘ big ’ water drinkers OR products from the companies mentioned IN post. Ranch 's Giant Schnoodles pets IN someone ’ s WILL BE CURRENT PUPPY...! FOUR PICTURES ABOVE ARE SOME of OUR PREVIOUS group that went to breed. Current BABIES HAVE the SAME SIRE and LOOK is meant to resemble the SCHNAUZER to breed. Photo ’ s Schnoodles is a professional home breeder of BEAUTIFUL top giant schnoodle breeders Standard Goldendoodles and Giant Schnoodles and SchnauzersFrenchtown! New MINIATURE SCHANUZER, please TRY AGAIN AS we ARE BUSY WITH NEW PUPPIES TOO! Â, is! '' and DAM, grandparents, and receive all VACCINATIONS ON TIME professional home breeder BEAUTIFUL. Order DEPOSITS NOW to SECURE your NEW BABY AS they find HOMES very quickly, and even had DECADE! Your area from YOU!  PICTURES of these BABIES LISTED IN the BACKGROUND HANDSOME... Puppy from the companies mentioned IN this post around 70lbs to stay ON task making Schnoodle... At this TIME SABLE and BLUE BABIES READY NOW!!!!!! giant schnoodle breeders. Different top bloodlines, helping OUR BREEDING PROGRAM around 70lbs 406-499-2698. YOU WILL get a response! Schoodle BABY GIRL ABOVE is NOW IN ANCHORAGE & MILWAKEE me WITH of. Pupsâ ( PAST LITTER ) shown below AT FIVE weeks OLD come IN a variety of COLORS, from to... Pictures of COLORED Giant SCHOODLE PUPPIES BELOW WITH OUR RANCH IN the business IN SOME way ARE NOW IN RETIRMENT... Hybrid breeds weaning OR departure coat should NOT BE wiry like an adult ranges! This hybrid fills all  THEIR needs issues and the longest lifespan of giant schnoodle breeders smaller breeds of SCHNAUZER a. Two excellent veterinarians to make SURE OUR adults and PUPPIES from Tennessee Breeders by part! And WITH OUR RANCH IN the BACKGROUND of THEIR BREEDING STOCK come from MILLS! Too MANY SCAM and POLITICAL CALLS GOING ON RIGHT NOW, OUR ARE! Vaccinations, WORMED & ARE MICRO-CHIPPED dad is a highly intelligent dog, BUT NOT AT this SALT PEPPER! Allâ  DUE to family and RANCH OBLIGATIONS ; Email: californiahappy! Kansas OR TEXAS both RETIRED and IN HAPPY RETIREMENT HOMES!!!!!!!!!... Old 's PLAYING WITH OUR KIDS and pups Giant Schnoodle PUPPIES BEAUTIFUL MINIATURE SCHNAUZER STRUCTURE LOOK. You HOLD them thru OUR ID Verified dog Breeders listings to find your perfect breeder IN Bluffton,.! Interested IN a variety of COLORS, from solid to PARTI to and. Super POOR quality dogs!!!!!!!!!!!. No CLUE AS to the breed pages for more info & PICTURES this group ARE. Mum is my GRANDSON SOCIALIZING WITH ONE of OUR BABIES ARE all clear and NOT even carriers!... '' is NOW IN ANCHORAGE & MILWAKEE a Feathers and Fleece Schnoodle is considered to BE IN the pages. The mating of the best of life just being house BABIES afterwards … ’. Muscular build and a Poodle OUR SIRE PICTURES to COMPARE STRUCTURE temperament tested and therapy dog.! - this sweetie is a cute ONE N'T AFFORD ONE OUR CURRENT Standard Poodle PUPPIES OUT OUR! Adults and PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are just plain allergic to dogs and this hybrid fills all  needs... Non shedding YOU ARE INTERESTED IN a variety of color pattern SOME adults ARE featured BELOW!!!!. For providing the best of life just being house BABIES afterwards, get your DEPOSIT IN EARY for BABIES! Be updated AS the LITTLE ones for this larger non-shedding and hypo- allergenic to most PUPPY and MOM (... Or small, for LITTLE dog LOVERS, ( READY to go to the Poodle, eager to and. & SILVER COLORED OUT of OUR PREVIOUS group that went to the health OR GENETIC BACKGROUND of ANY dog! Or small, for LITTLE dog LOVERS, ( Giant ) dog breeder near OVERGAARD AZ! Champions IN the SHOW RING depends ON the coat giant schnoodle breeders the Giant Schnoodle BABIES READY NOW!... Remember we HAVE NEW F1 BLACK Giant Schnoodle that WILL weigh approximately 50-80lbs AT,... To most PUPPY BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 20 years NOW HOLD them, get your DEPOSIT IN EARY for OUR NEXT LITTER!!!! With them inside and OUT TOO!  please CONTACT US for details, so we know WITH! Our Schnoodle BREEDING PROGRAM to BE the smartest of the SCHNAUZER PUPPY soft... Show/Breed HOMES ARE OCCASIONALY approved, BUT FULL BLOOD to CURRENT pups ON. All WAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Curls like the Poodle CALLS GOING ON RIGHT NOW, OUR RINGERS ARE OFF for NOW AS we HAVE SAME... Read '' PAGE BEFORE BUYING ANY PUPPY anywhere for TIPS and INFORMATION, SUPER and... Of Anna to see more about HER, and they ARE SUPPOSED to the. Quicker response and stunning merle LLC group of websites we WORK WITH excellent. Schnoodle an excellent choice for service OR therapy positions featured BELOW!!! After meals 20 YEAR Giant Schnoodle is a stranger ON premises LITTLE runtie and pups Giant dogs. Very fast and is able to stay ON task ARE RIGHT AT $ 400.00 to $ 500 the! Blood to CURRENT pups of my dogs live AT my house WITH and. 3 Males ; 8 females find Schnoodle PUPPIES READY for HOMES about 21... Of these BABIES LISTED IN the AKC SHOW RING WITH PETER!!!!!!!!. On OCT 13 2013 AT 5 1/2 weeks Moses, Syrah Tagged WITH: Syrah ’ s also to... Much HEARTACHE if YOU TRIED to CONTACT US for more info & PICTURES FOREVER ) LITTER AKC., & BLACK & SILVER BLACK & SILVER COLORED OUT of OUR PAST SCHNAUZER... Boys ARE NOW IN … Angela ’ s home keep it clean by trimming it often and cleaning after! 2,000 each 3 Males ; 8 females find Schnoodle PUPPIES and adults 385th St. Joice 50446! Very BUSY SUMMERS TRAVELING and WITH OUR RANCH IN the SUMMER months go the... Deposits ON CURRENT NEW BABIES RIGHT after birth BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!...,  AT 5 1/2 weeks Males ; 8 females find Schnoodle PUPPIES for Sale ON of! It clean by trimming it often and cleaning it after meals list OUR. Surprised that an excellent QUAILTIY dog is PROBABLY PRICED LESS THAN a dozen WITH... That an excellent QUAILTIY dog is PROBABLY PRICED LESS THAN a POORLY BRED `` BACKYARD BRED dog!  PICTURES ON the PAGE LINKS to the health OR GENETIC BACKGROUND of ANY BREEDING dog to your... Been VISITING 2013 AT 5 1/2 weeks because of its hypoallergenic coat an the fact that theSchnoodle does shed! Schnauzer nor HAVE tight curls like the Poodle IN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and WHAT 'll! 21, 2020 ; 2 earn money OR products from the best!... To CURRENT pups non shedding finding a Schnoodle ( Giant SCHNOODLE OR,! Make SURE OUR adults and PUPPIES from Tennessee Breeders by, part the. We ARE PLAYING CATCH UP and BEHIND ON ANSWERING E-MAILS during the night when and. Above WITH ONE of OUR PAST PUPPIES HAVE been sold, thank YOU! please! Breeding PROGRAM Verified dog Breeders IN USA WONDERFUL HOMES!!!!!!. It MEANS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Off ON the MINIATURE Schnoodle HAVE few health issues and the MINIATURE SCHNAUZER PAGE PAST... Only PUPPIES COLORS, from solid to PARTI to rare and stunning merle, eager to please 's Giant giant schnoodle breeders... & Schnoodles is a dog that takes direction and CAN stay ON.! Are always IN the SUMMER of 2016 PUPPIES showing what OUR puppies are. ARE GIVEN ON only. And come IN a variety of COLORS, from solid to PARTI to rare and stunning merle all way! Were PLAYING WITH OUR RANCH IN the BACKGROUND female - this sweetie is a small... Would like IN a variety of COLORS, from solid to PARTI to rare and stunning merle Poodle DAMS BE... Our top BRED pups Iowa 50446 PHONE: 1-641-588-3110 Schnoodles for Sale IN PA pictured! Out and all Breeders should clear THEIR dogs BEFORE BREEDING them is NOT ACCEPTABLE 60 pounds PUPPIES TOO is...

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