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In fact, many of these salon workers have complained about developing work-related health complications of their own, ranging from respiratory difficulties to dermatitis and other forms of skin irritation. ), it is usually extremely long. However, these bonds can easily revert to their original positions once exposed to water through humidity or washing, for example. Like the head … A woman who has a more attractive body physically (wider hips, narrower waist, softer and smoother skin, thicker lips and eye brows, moderate height etc..) will likely come across as more feminine. But when I think of feminine, there are definitely some words that come to mind. “But why can’t I shave my legs?” It must have been the tenth time I had asked that week. Long, luscious hair is regarded as an archetypal feminine trait in quite a few cultures and commonly … The first thing that jumps to mind is female/woman and I probably associate it with th… How dare these women leave their homes without adhering to every single standard of western beauty ideals (which, should be noted, included body hair for women until fashion changed in the 1920’s).We have such set, prescribed notions of what it means to be feminine and beautiful, that anyone who strays from it is immediately branded as controversial or weird. I’m still not sure how I knew I was “supposed” to shave my legs right around the time puberty hit, but it was something that just seemed like the right thing to do. “Femininity is a social construct after all. Chemical Hair Relaxers Have Adverse Effects a Myth or Reality.International Journal of Trichology, 5(1), 26–28. As a land grant institution, UCLA acknowledges the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (Los Angeles basin, So. The world has claimed what being feminine means and twisted it into ways that are thoroughly unrecognizable from the Biblical view of femininity . The results of this constant message are countless stories of black women being exposed to toxic chemicals in hair relaxers used to permanently change their hair texture, some as young as the age of five (and in extreme cases, younger). Unrealistic standards of beauty and femininity have always forced women to put themselves through potentially harmful processes, and the prevalence of hair relaxer amongst black women is just another manifestation of this norm. Although the importance of accepting oneself cannot be overstated, women will always be pushed towards unhealthy solutions like hair relaxers if we feel like the rest of the world does not accept us. However, these relaxers are not without their risks. So, shave I did. For some women, this may manifest through continuous cosmetic surgeries. Moisturize and practice regular skincare techniques to maintain blemish-free skin. 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Here are 6 of the Best Horror Movies to Binge, Thinking About Getting a Pet In Lockdown? How you can create a more feminine look thru feminization Male feminization is a term that refers to the process of a male becoming feminized through changing their physical image. However, some of the scariest health risks associated with hair relaxers have little to do with hair at all. Over the years these women have got used to men’s style and gradually lose the sense of femininity. I was already rocking a training bra — itchy, tight, white cotton that covered my barely budding breasts — so why couldn’t I do something about the hair on my legs? The natural hair movement, and the large-scale shift toward embracing our natural textures has been hugely important in getting black women to reject hair relaxers, but this is only one side of the issue. The Fight to Rid Black Women’s Hair Salons of Toxic Chemicals. I was quite androgynous-looking, with short hair, ugly glasses, and wearing very plain clothes. And so, my legs did eventually end up hair free, with a smattering of raised, red-tinted skin from where my inexperienced hand dug a little too close with my very own pink Lady Schick razor. For others, through bimonthly relaxer sessions. Well, everything that is, except for my armpits, where instead of smooth, clean shaven skin, soft, downy hair resides. In fact, I’m quite aware of what the general public thinks when it comes to women and body hair, if the hyperfocused lens on celebrity is any indication. Seeing Julia Roberts with pit puffs of her own while on the red carpet of the Oscars in 1999 was revolutionary to my teen self, and definitely helped normalize body hair for me. They start wearing their hair short and forget about jewelry or other things that make them feminine … Human hair is largely composed of tough, fibrous proteins known as keratin, and the proteins in our hair are held together by strong bonds known as disulphide bonds and relatively weaker bonds known as hydrogen bonds. Since the dawn of time, the rules for men and women have been different. So, in a world that treats body hair on women as shameful, gross, or a mistake – even on the most stunning of women – it feels as if my own body is indeed a radical act. Usually, nothing. “If you don’t let me do it now, I’ll just do it at camp, and then I’ll probably do it wrong or hurt myself. (2013). Long hair is an indicator of youth, in part, because long hair … Jan 19, 2021 - Male femininity is so wonderfully beautiful, powerful and natural. Find a skincare … Femininity Hair & Beauty, Reading, England. I was noncommittal about my legs, occasionally preferring a sleek, smooth leg look, and other times letting the hair grow out. Significance of Hair Length for Women. However, as mentioned before, hair straighteners and relaxers do not change the shape of the hair follicle itself, so new hair will still grow out in its natural texture. I started experimenting, letting my leg and armpit hair grow over the winter when nobody would really see it anyway. It’s just hair.”. An overview of chemical straightening of human hair: technical aspects, potential risks to hair fibre and health and legal issues. Feminine style of clothing, such as wearing skirts and dresses will also contribute to a woman’s physical f… You don’t want to have to deal with it it all. At-Home Hair Removal: The Pros and ConsFacial Fuzz Busters. “You’re too young. It sometimes feels like a strange mix of personal preference and social sway. My armpit hair grew in soft and light and I found that I actually liked that part of my body so much more with hair than without. And where social parameters of beauty or “professionalism” are not the issue, lack of options for haircare may force black women to choose the seemingly easier route of relaxed hair anyway, as the hair industry hardly caters to hair that is not already deemed desirable. • Femininity: History shows that hair is a symbol of femininity. The straightness or curliness of our hair is determined by the shape of our hair follicles, which cannot themselves be changed, but hydrogen and disulphide bonds play a large role in changing the curl pattern of our hair once it grows out of said hair follicles. But the often-ignored reality is that regardless of the number of products and services used, “ideal” femininity and beauty can never truly be reached, at least not for very long. I never got in touch with my sweet and … Unfortunately, society has attached words like “difficult” and “ugly” to kinky hair, and “soft, beautiful and feminine” to straight hair. Hair Cutting Colouring and Perming.Hair Extensions .Manicures Pedicures. All the teens and women I saw on TV, in movies and magazines were hair-free, as were the women in my day-to-day life. International Journal of Cosmetic Science,36 (1), 2-11. doi:10.1111/ics.12093, Shetty, V. H., Shetty, N. J., & Nair, D. G. (2013). A: Being feminine is a character-trait; definitely not dictated by the length of your hair. (2014, October 21). While awareness of the health risks associated with hair relaxers will help women make informed decisions about using them, these decisions will almost always be affected by societal pressures until there is a radical change in the way our society thinks about beauty and femininity. And why the rush? Long hair was traditionally regarded as a sign of femininity. Despite there being so little of the sparse, blonde hair, I had got it cemented in my mind that it was meant to go away. It is well known that hair relaxers can have undesired effects on the hair itself, such as making hair lighter over time, making hair more prone to breakage, and causing hair thinning or even hair loss. However, this varies by location and culture. Femininity (also called womanliness or girlishness) is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with women and girls.Although femininity is socially constructed, research indicates that some behaviors considered feminine are biologically influenced. My mother’s answers remained the same. These Tips Will Help, These 6 Office Items Make the Workday So Much More Comfortable. CSW Associate Director Sarah Haley wins multiple book awards! Words like delicate, soft, and pretty are a few of them. My body hair has not impeded on my femininity or beauty in any way, despite the greedy cries of the beauty industry that it would. The problem of hair relaxers is a complicated and multi-faceted one that cannot simply be fixed by telling black women about the health risks they face in their search for straight hair. Madonna, Mo’Nique, Beyonce, Drew Barrymore, and Britney Spears have all been dragged through the mud for sporting some body hair. I was a girl through and through, but much of my femininity was repressed. I began to rock my pit puffs, occasional leg hair, and a neatly trimmed bikini area with abandon. They say the "short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style", but you need to know how to make that happen. The flowers and cream lace of the dress indicate femininity and delicacy. 50 were here. Halle Berry must be one of the most beautiful, feminine and undeniably gorgeous women alive, yet her hair is short and … Here are some interesting links for you! There’s a sense of subversive pleasure whenever someone does a double take of my legs or pits — and has no idea that I’m shaven elsewhere. Noting the "political complexities of African-American hair and beauty culture," West quotes the sociologist Ingrid Banks, who interviewed more than fifty black girls and women between 1996 and 1998 for her book Hair Matters (2000) and who concluded that "hair … This board looks at the feminine within the masculine within the feminine. It’s a good idea for a pixie haircut to boost the effect from layers with an undercut, … While it is easy to read off a list of health problems caused by relaxers, this does little to address the deep-seated issue at hand. The paradoxical societal constraints of gender often rears it’s head when conversations about body hair occur. But, while I allowed myself to test out my own comfort level, I discovered something interesting. In a society that insists on the existence of a sort of ideal femininity and globalized standard of beauty, women are constantly pushed towards the use of various products and services in an attempt to reach set standards, be it through buying cosmetics, undergoing surgery, or any other means. The idea of “[insert name] with the good hair” goes far beyond a cheeky line in Beyoncé’s “Sorry.” Rather, it’s a pervasive and systematic idea that has been forced on and marketed to black women for centuries, telling us that our kinks and curls are not “good,” professional, manageable, or desirable enough. I zeroed in on my mother’s pink Lady Schick razor each time I stepped foot in the shower. In this article Marcy discusses some male feminization steps that can be used to create a more convincing feminine … http://doi.org/10.4103/0974-7753.114710, Toxic Substances Portal – Sodium Hydroxide. The physical aspects of femininityinclude a woman’s body and body type, hair and hair style, and her dress style. Accessible Spaces: A Fragrance-Free Toolkit, Research Excellence Award for UCLA Associate Professors, Black Feminism Initiative Graduate Fellowships, Jean Stone Dissertation Research Fellowship, Penny Kanner Dissertation Research Fellowship, IJS Fund for International and Undocumented Graduate Students, Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, Undergraduate Award, Survey: Fragranced Products on the UCLA Campus, Faculty and Graduate Student Working Group, Thinking Gender 2019: Feminists Confronting the Carceral State, Thinking Gender 2020: Sexual Violence as Structural Violence…, Policy Brief: Addressing Sexual Violence, Reshaping Institutions, Achieving Justice: Shelter, Intersectionality, and Sexual Harassment Policy, BFI Faculty-Graduate Working Group Members, Dishing: Food, Feminism, and the Way We Eat, Edible Feminisms: On Discard, Waste, and Metabolism, Feminism + the Senses: Breaking the Silence on Hooking Up, Feminism + the Senses: Weaving Generations Together, Women’s Social Movement Activities in Los Angeles, Thinking Gender 2021: Care, Mutual Aid, and Reproductive Labor in a Time of Crisis, Reports on Equity at UCLA and in Academia, Co-authorship and Collaboration: Resources for Feminist Scholars, Studying Gender and Sexuality at Other Institutions. Those of us with anxiety felt our symptoms... On Body Hair & Changing What It Means To Be Feminine, Kardashian Team Spills Makeup and Beauty Secrets In Latest Video, Why a Dog Is A Perfect Aid For Anxiety Sufferers, How Kim & Kanye’s Public Life Allows Us To Understand Bipolar…, How to Break Up with Someone without Hurting Them, 3 Things Mentally Strong People Will Never Do, These Two Stretches Will Reliever Pregnancy Pains, Feeling Sore Post-Workout? Retrieved from https://www.atsdr.cdc.gov/mmg/mmg.asp?id=246&tid=45, Your email address will not be published. I was 11-years-old and ready for this next step into womanhood, or so I thought. Amanda Wilcox is an undergraduate student studying Gender Studies and Society and Genetics. If you google femininity or something similar, most of what you come across is a jumble of feminist propaganda, goddess earth worship, and how to be a seductive woman. Clothing: this is one thing you can play with when you have short hair. The relationship between black women and hair relaxers provides a large-scale case study for the intersections of femininity, beauty standards, and health. Because your hair … Because it was what everyone else was doing and it was expected of me. Long hair tends to be among the Tertiary Sexual Characteristics used to establish a character as female. Certain traits and behaviors, such as wearing make up and elaborate hair grooming, may be seen by some as feminine. But I also think of words like meticulous and hardworking, as many of the crafts traditionally associated with femininity (sewing, cooking, etc) take a lot of time and effort.” (Katie, 24, African American, USA) “I’m not exactly sure how I’d define femininity. Furthermore, the strong chemicals found in hair relaxers can also cause scalp irritation or even chemical burns if left on for too long, and this problem can be aggravated by using alcoholic hair products, causing long-term scalp damage or bald spots. Channel Islands). I’ll make sure my hair is perfectly coiffed and double check that my manicure and pedicure are chip-free. I’m not really one for makeup, but between my Audrey Hepburn-inspired sunglasses and a bit of tinted gloss, I know I look fierce. For many black women, our unattainable marker of femininity is related to the long, flowing hair that we see everywhere but in the mirror; the sassy hair flip that doesn’t come in your feminine package when your hair … I saw all different types of women — not just the hippie granola stereotype — proudly showing off their body hair. During the civil war when women weren’t to battle, hundreds of women soldiers disguised themselves as men by cutting off their hair, … While some feminine men and boys are meant to be (or become) female—to fully and truly live as women and girls, there are many whose embodiment of the feminine is found within their maleness.

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